There was a time…

Either I’m getting old a lot faster than I thought, or large parts of humanity is in a tail spin that can surely only lead it to crash and burn.

I remember when, once upon a time, I used to sometimes think, “Maybe I’m losing the plot!”

Now I think, “Plot? What plot? There’s a PLOT?”

This from the UK Daily Mail…

A mother has been banned from a primary school after confronting a bully who used her five-year- old son as a ‘human punch bag’.

Christine Hart, 38, calmly asked the pupil to ‘please stop hitting’ her son Arthur after he endured months of bullying despite several complaints to teachers.

But a teaching assistant saw and hauled her off to the headmistress, who told her not to cross the school gates and to attend a hearing with the governors to discuss her conduct.

full story here

…says it all!

Really … I want to know … is it me that’s going nuts?

20 Responses to “There was a time…”

  1. We live in a world run by bullies and these are the rules they make.

    • That is so-oo cynical. Sadly, though, I fear you may be right.

      Although, I don’t think it’s the bullies who make these sort of rules – they may USE them, but they don’t make them. To me, the very WORST thing about our current age is the rise of the do-gooder with all their PC crap that almost invariably DOES protect the bully, the thief and the asshole, but so very rarely does anything for the decent person. In fact, it usually penalises the real victim!

      • There are several different kinds of bully. Do-gooders are one type. They try to control you with their kindly intentions and if you don’t submit they start busting your chops.

        Bullies ARE in charge. Why? Because they can’t stand not to be. They magnetize to positions of petty authority like flies to a dungheap.

      • We-ee-ell, I suppose looked at one way, you’re certainly right about a lot of them. The trouble is they are “controlling” types who (however good hearted some of them may be) cannot contemplate that there is an alternative way of doing everything.

        Frequently, the desire to have everyone do it their way is simply a result of their need to bolster their belief in their own lifestyle. If they once admit, even to themselves, that there are alternatives and that theirs might not be the only as well as the best choice, then their whole life becomes meaningless!

        That is a powerful driving force!

  2. Bullying behavior thrives in all bureaucratic systems.

    • True, but we are really just discussing nothing more than semantics here, aren’t we? It amounts to the simple fact that the assholes rule the world, regardless of whether they justify their domination by seeing themselves as the nice guys or not.

    • Though bureaucracy is the REAL problem. A laptop in the corner of an office somewhere could probably do better than most of them – and be more flexible and logical.

  3. I received this invitation the other day. You should go!

    Peter Joseph will host a live, ZMovement Event in London, UK on July 25th ’09. It will be streamed on as well. Limited seats. Tickets are available here:

  4. Oh, I’m sorry — the event is sold out.

    • Pardon? I think one of us has misunderstood something. I thought we basically agreed whatever we wanted to call it? Maybe I missed the point (not unusual) 🙂

  5. My previous post probably wound up in your spam file because it had two links in it.

    • Ah… Yes it was in spam. Now alles ist clar (spelling??). Makes sense now. 🙂 Thanks for the thought. Enjoy it, if you get there.

  6. I live in Canada — so, no.

    • Ah, well … unlikely then. I’m a Brit, but I live in the Canaries, so equally, no. Thanks for the suggestion though, although I don’t think the Venus Project, or Zeitgeist has it any more right than the rest of us. It makes some wild assumptions about humanity that, in my experience are so far off the mark that it’s almost laughable. Like most things (and people), it has good and bad about it though.

  7. The reason this movement appeals to me is contained within their synopsis:

    “Therefore, in order for TRUE change to occur, we must spend less time battling the products of this sick social structure and more time trying to change the root causes. ”

    In my opinion, hierarchal groups and organizations have a culture of bullying.

    And the more tiers of petty authority they contain — the worse it is.

    To expect these same entities to stop or reduce the bullying of the children in their care, is an exercise in futility. They won’t stop it. They are largely responsible for modeling it.

    • Oh yes. I agree entirely with that. What I disagree with them about is the means of doing that. You can’t change the world order – what you have to change is people and the world order will follow. You’ll only EVER do that through education from a very young age, both in schools and at home – so it’s a several generation project at the very least.

      However, your interest has inspired me to do a post on this which I will be putting up in the next few days. I’ll be interested to know what you think. I’ll also be interested to see if it gets more comments from more people (vain hope). 🙂

  8. Yes. It won’t happen overnight. But to make this occur, people have to be challenged out of their preconceived notions about what is possible. They have to be inspired and awakened from complacency.

    I will add your blog to my RSS feed.

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