A Last Request

Emma was dying and both she and her spouse knew it. She was only in her late forties, but, never the strongest of women, years of struggling to raise her family and keep her man happy had taken their toll.

With difficulty, she beckoned to her husband to draw closer to her hospital bedside. “I just want one final promise from you, John,” she whispered, hoarsely.

“Of course, darling,” the husband agreed.

“Promise me! And keep this one!” she insisted.

“I just said,” her husband replied, tetchily.

Struggling to breathe, Emma told him, “Six months after I’m gone, I want you to marry your secretary, Eve.” She paused to painfully drag in air. “You’ve always fancied her and I know you’ve had an affair on and off for years.”

“Marry Eve?” John was both annoyed and flabbergasted. “But I thought… I mean you’ve always hated her.”

With her final breath, Emma gasped. “Oh, I … do.”


4 Responses to “A Last Request”

  1. Hahahahaha!

    Very good!

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