Fear Is The Key

Women in particular will understand just how controlling fear can be. A man (it’s usually a man) can control a woman just by creating an atmosphere of fear, even without ever laying a finger on her.

It’s easy to say that rarely is anything worse than the fear of it imagines it to be, or to put it more succinctly (even though it is a cliché) most of us have nothing to fear but fear itself. However, it really is generally true. Certainly, nothing is more limiting, more debilitating, than our anticipation of disaster or pain and that is what both men who are abusive towards women and governments who exploit their people use. The converse is that confidence, education and understanding are the enemies of oppression and can frequently defeat a bully.

It is undoubtedly a fact that there is a small minority of really evil young people about in western cultures these days – particularly in Britain and America – and that they control and encourage a larger body of young offenders to behave as badly as them. Britain’s knife culture is an example of this – ban guns, get knives; now it’s ban knives, get dangerous dogs – and so on. However, whatever it may appear from the media, they are a long way from being the majority. If our young people and particularly our girls were to be taught how to defend themselves properly and take control of their own lives, then their confidence in being able and willing to be themselves, rather than what someone else coerces them to be, would I think be considerably increased.

Our governments are pleased to see all of us “running scared” because that makes us all much more controllable – we feel, often irrationally, that we need them to protect us and we accept huge numbers of CCTV cameras, endless surveillance, arrest and detention for weeks without charge and many other infringements of our civil liberties in order to combat this perceived (and often largely fictitious) threat. If you want to understand how this can be done, simply read “1984” the novel by George Orwell (written circa 1948) and I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how close some aspects of it are to today’s Britain.

Nevertheless, given the right education and training, most of these so-called threats fade into insignificance and, for women especially, just imagine how effective it would be if a normally placid wife reached a point where she refused to be bullied any more and, plainly unafraid, simply dumped the asshole flat on his back on the floor and then threw him out of the house!


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